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Grivel Athlete - Shingo Ohkawa


Long before Shingo learned about Alpinism, all of his heroes were test pilots and astronauts.  As a child, his destiny seemed clear:  he’d pursue a career that would train him to fly, then he would apply what he’d learned to the exploration of space in the service of NASA...


But, alas, a misspent youth and two bad eyes conspired to keep Shingo grounded—reluctantly, he’d have to settle for something more sub-orbital.  It was around the same time that, inspired by his father’s extensive collection of National Geographic, he was increasingly drawn to images and stories from the highest, wildest places of the world.  It occurred to him:  there remains enough Unknown here, within his reach, for several lifetimes committed to discovery.  Suddenly, Alpinism—more specifically, traditional climbing—replaced the dream of space flight as Shingo’s preferred—and, more practical—method of ascent.  The die was cast: Shingo became aware of both his life’s chosen path, and of the mysteries still hidden among the steeper, more remote corners of our planet, Earth.


Shingo has been extremely fortunate:  he’s practiced his craft throughout the Americas, and it’s even taken him to the Greater Ranges.  He’s had the privilege to share a rope with some of his best friends and partners, and although not every climb saw a summit, each experience has taught Shingo more about himself, revealed more about the world, than he could have ever imagined.  In climbing, he found a creative expression he never knew he possessed, a community to which he’s always felt he belonged and a unique perspective that only a climber’s life could reveal.  Shingo says, “See you up there!”


Shingo is oneof the Wasatch Range’s visionary climbers with a drive for pioneering new routes that is always at full-throttle. He is endlessly contributing to the development of new routes in the Lone Peak Cirque as well as Big and Little Cottonwood Canyons. Shingo is a very pay-it-forward climber. Not only is he expanding the climbing potential in the Salt Lake City area but he is also a volunteer liaison with the Salt Lake Climbers Alliance.