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Beal Athlete - Jewell Lund


Jewell Lund’s passion for climbing truly ignited in 2009, after a summer of river guiding and learning to whitewater kayak in Jackson Hole. She spent almost everyday that summer on the river, hardly climbed at all. After several months of river life, she realized a couple of things: 1) water is incredibly powerful and terrifying, and 2) she really missed rock climbing.

When Jewell returned to her hometown of Salt Lake City, UT in 2010, she sold her kayak and got a job at the local climbing gym. Since then, climbing has shaped many of her outdoor shenanigans, driven personal goals, and created her sense of community.

Currently, Jewell is balancing climbing with the pursuit of a master’s degree in glaciology. Though she enjoys many types of climbing, her biggest objectives center on alpine climbing. Jewell says that, “Moving in the mountains allows me to continue my doughnut-eating fetish without caloric consequences. But really, alpine climbing with close friends continually teaches me about commitment, self-knowledge, and rising to the moment in truly inspiring landscapes. I look forward to further growth in the hills.”

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Mountain Resume:

  • First all-female ascent of Denali Diamond (Alaska Grade 6, M6 A1 WI5+, 7,800’), Denali, Central Alaska Range, Alaska.
  • First ascent of Tabula Rasa (Grade III, 5.11b), Karetai Peak, Darran Mountains, New Zealand.
  • Ascent of Northeast Buttress (5.9, 5000’), Howse Peak, Waputik Range, Canadian Rockies.
  • Second ascent of Polarchrome (5.9 WI5+, 3,300’), Mt. Huntington, Central Alaska Range, Alaska.
  • Ascent of Deprivation (Alaska Grade 6, Apline ED+, 90°), Mt. Hunter, Central Alaska Range, Alaska.