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Beal Athlete - Anne Struble



Anne Struble started out as a competitive diver. For seven years, she focused on making each dive more perfect than the last. She got her first taste of climbing while she attended Pomona College in Southern California. However, her academics and the diving team left no room for this new sport.


After getting a Bachelor’s in Chemistry and dropping out of a PhD program with a Master’s, Anne found herself working and living right next door to Joshua Tree National Park. It was on the slabby trad climbs of J-Tree, Suicide, and Tahquitz where Anne officially cut her teeth. Her first lead climb was on Forbidden Paradise, a 5.10b slab nightmare at J-Tree. 


Upon moving to Tucson, AZ to pursue a second Bachelor’s in Computer Science, Anne was introduced to sport climbing at a local gym. She took quickly to clipping bolts and working hard routes. She found that her years as a diver allowed her to quickly decipher any sequence that normally threatens a send. Anne now resides in Salt Lake City, with her husband, where she uses the Wasatch range as training grounds for her trips abroad. 



  • Recently completed her 100th 5.13 by sending Cryptic Egyptian (5.13c) at Rifle
  • First female ascent of TSS (5.13c), Fat Lady (5.13c), Hammerheard (5.13b), Bullox (5.13b), Guerrilla Warfare (5.13b/c), Special Forces (5.13b), Neptune Spear (5.13b), and Vote with a Bullet (5.13b) at The Compound in Maple Canyon, UT 
  • Redpointed T-Rex, Mutton Bustin, Eulogy and Pipe Dream, the 4 14a's at the Pipe Dream Cave in Maple Canyon, UT 
  • Onsighted Squeal to Stihl (13b) Rifle Canyon
  • Onsighted Makach Walou (13a) and Mirage (13a) at Ceüse
  • Onsighted The Name of the Game (5.13a) in Tensleep, WY 
  •  Onsighted Easy Rider (5.13a) and Hoofmaker (5.13a) in the Red River Gorge