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Beal Athlete - Aaron Mulkey


Aaron is a pioneer ice climber. He hikes through and flies over the mountains of Wyoming to scout out some of the newest and sickest ice falls in the country. All of his explorations and pioneering has generously paid off with nearly 100 first ascents.

His knack for exploring comes from his history of hunting and hiking with his father in California. Aaron was introduced to climbing after we moved to Colorado where a co-worker took him out climbing for the first time. It only took one throw of the axe and he was hooked for life.

Aaron lives a double life. In the winter he climbs up the waterfalls and in the summer he paddles down them. Aaron likes to be the first to do a lot of things, and nabbing first descents in his kayak is one of them. So be it frozen or melted, he can always be found at the waterfalls.

Follow his adventures on his website at www.coldfear.com.

• Pioneered the mountains and canyons of Wyoming, establishing a large collection of new ice routes
• Made the first ascent of Morning Glory, WI6 in Wyoming's North Fork Valley
• Made the first ascent of The Gambler, WI7 in Wyoming's South Fork Valley
• Made the first ascent of Talk is Cheap, WI6 M6 in Wyoming's North Fork Valley
• Made the first ascent of Sons of Anarchy, WI5 M8R 2,500ft in Hemsedal, Norway
• Made the first ascent of Spirit Chimney WI5 M7 200ft in the Beartooth Mtns, Montana