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Liberty Mountain supports and promotes various outdoor industry agencies, events, and athletes that advocate outdoor stewardship and recreation.

Outdoor Industry

Access Fund

Alpine Mentors

The American
Alpine Club

American Mountain
Guides Association

Climbing Wall

Salt Lake
Climbers Alliance



Ouray Ice Festival | Cody Ice Festival | Mount Washington Valley Ice Festival | Idaho Mountain Festival

| Portland Alpine Festival | Bozeman Ice Festival | Michigan Ice Festival | Sandstone Ice Festival | Smuggs Ice Bash

Edelweiss Athletes



Cheyne Lempe

Mason Earle

Scott Bennett


Joe Mills



Beal Athletes:

Aaron Mulkey

Chris Thomas

Jewell Lund

Anne Struble

Justin Wood

Alan Rousseau

Jason Dorais

Andy Dorais

Grivel Athletes:


Steve House

Aaron Mulkey

Alan Rousseau


Andy Dorais

Jason Dorais

Shingo Ohkawa

Mark Hammond


Cypher Athletes:






Seeking Sponsorship
Events: Liberty Mountain is proud to support our customers and their efforts to make a difference in their community.For sponsorships regarding competitions, races,crag clean-ups, or community building events please send an email detailing the event to your customer service rep. If you are not a customeror don’t know who your territory customer service rep is, send an emailto: sales@libertymountain.com.   

Athletes: Liberty Mountain provides support throughtheir exclusive brands to individuals who not only represent the top of their respective sport but who also act as ambassadors and role models for the outdoors and Liberty Mountain.If you feel you might bea fit for one of our brands--Beal, Cypher, Edelweiss, Grivel, Kong, Outdoor Designs, Singing Rock, Stubai and Vaude--pleasesend an email with a resume including your athletic achievements, your objectives, media coverage, and whyyou would be a good fit for our brands to: sales@libertymountain.com.