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Edelweiss Athlete - Mason Earle



I was born and raised in New England, and began climbing when I was around 10 years old. Exploring the scrappy trad cliffs of the northeast gave me my first real adventures, and after high school I moved west to pursue a life in the outdoors. My life has been all about climbing ever since. I’ve done first ascents all over the world but my favorite thing is climbing and exploring in my home state of Utah. After nearly 20 years on the rocks, I have slowly begun to realize why climbing is so important- it makes me happy!



Career Highlights

FA of “Kids With Guns” 13a A3, Venezuela
FA of “Stranger than Fiction” 5.14- Moab, UT
FA of “Heart Route” Free, 5.13d El Capitan
FA of “Sendero Luminoso” Free, 5.13d Mt. Hooker, WY