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September 10% off Special

September 10% off Special

New colors of Nalgene bottles in the 4 most popular models.  Made with Nalgene's legendary toughness plus their leak proof closures.  BPA free Tritan of course.  Great color combinations with contrasting loops and caps inspired by nature.  While these Nalgenes will quietly do their jobs without complaint, we have it on good authority they like to accessorize when they go out.  You'll find they are an even more indispensable companion with these extras.  Spruce up your Nalgene for less in September by getting 10% off on these accessories when you buy them with one of these new Nalgene colors.  Fine Print:  you won't see the discount in the shopping cart but you will on the invoice - sorry about that.

Splashguards make it easier to drink from your Nalgene while on the trail.  You won't slosh any precious water down your chin.  Clever design means you don't have to take them out to fill the bottle.

With a Bottle Belt you can securely clip your Nalgene to just about anything.  What good is water stashed away where you can't reach it?  The Bottle Belt keeps it close at hand.

How about when you take your 4-legged buddy along?  With a PupCup if you have water so does your pup.  They fit securely on the base of your 32 oz Nalgene and won't fall off.  So not only is Fido hydrated but your Nalgene bottle is protected from many nicks and scratches, which Nalgene loves because Nalgene plays hard.  And it's non-skid too.

If your Nalgene ever says "does this mug make me look fat?"  You can answer truthfully and emphatically "no it does not!" because you know the Space Saver Mug fits snuggly against Nalgene's classic, 32 oz figure.  The Space Saver Mug is a great companion to your Nalgene.  When folded out the handles maintain a little space between them so it feels more like holding the thick handle of your favorite coffee mug at home.  Yet they stow unobtrusively against the mug for transport.  Large handles reach further away when using a Space Saver Mug to heat water so they heat up less.  Best of all, they're hard anodized so they are tough enough to go anywhere your Nalgene goes.

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